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Agri-Carriers Group


While people are our most important asset, the right equipment plays a close second. Our tractors are specifically chosen and outfitted for the type of operation they will serve: Over The Road, regional or local transport. We strive for a balance between engine power and fuel economy to keep them on the road longer. With advanced Omnitracs GPS fleet tracking on all our trucks, we proactively monitor every customer's load status to stay informed and on schedule.

Expert Repairs, Maintenance & Support

Expert repairs and maintenance are performed at all our terminals to provide quality service to our customers along with safety and support to our drivers.


Mobile communication units are standard equipment in all of our trucks to provide electronic logs and safe tracking of our loads.

Industry-Leading Equipment

A great deal of attention also goes into ergonomic design and driver comfort. Part of our fleet is equipped with auto transmissions in response to driver preferences. Specialized tankers are selected to maximize payload for our customers. As we continue to grow, we invest in new tractors and tank trailers every year.

Certified Kosher

With our state-of-the-art tankwash we are a certified Kosher Food Grade facility. Our dedicated employees are committed to quality and safety.

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