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Agri-Carriers Group


Agri-Carriers Group is headquartered in Jacksonville, Illinois. Driver training is offered at this location for Midwest operations and in Montgomery, Alabama for Southeast operations.

Corporate Office Information

Agri-carriers Group Coporate headquarters are in Jacksonville IL.  Centralized Dispatch and Customer Support work together to provide the best solutions for our customers and quality support for our drivers.

Driver Training Information

Agri-Carriers Group offers focused one on one driver training that gives you the ability to successfully handle liquid cargo.  We believe proper training is essential for you to acquire the safe driving skills necessary to transport this specialized cargo.  Driver training is offered for the Midwest and Southeast regions.

Tank Wash & Shop Information

Maintenance and Repair shops are located at each of our terminals for convenience for our drivers and to give our customers quicker turn around.  We have our own Kosher certified tank washes with state of the art equipment to insure the quality of the products we haul. We require high standards for our customers and our employees.

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